IASUR (International Alliance for Sustainable Urbanization and Regeneration, founded in October 2014 in Kashiwanoha, Japan) is planning to hold a student workshop on “Asian Approach to Urban Regeneration” with a special focus on Krapyak Area in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in collaboration with Gadjah Mada University from August 8 to 13, 2016.

The workshop consists of lectures on Asian approach to urban regeneration from professors of IASUR member institutions, workshops on analysis, planning and design of urban environment (including buildings, infrastructures, public spaces, communities, etc.) and a final presentation. 

For more details and application, please refer to the “Workshop outline” and “Application sheet“. Application deadline is at 15:00 JST on June 29, 2016. Please fill up the application sheet and send it via e-mail at workshop2016@iasur.org.